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Art + Frame

Art + Frame, as its name would suggest, consists of an art gallery and custom framing services.  Featured artwork comes from a variety of artists, including Charles Bibbs and Rod Chase.  The store has hundreds of frames in a number of styles and colors.  Customers may also bring in their own frames for adjustment and refurbishing.  For a more detailed list of the Art + Frame’s services, see the company web site.

Closest Green 1 Bus Stop No stop nearby
Closest Green 2 Bus Stop No stop nearby
Closest Gold 1 Bus Stop Jermantown Rd at Fairfax Blvd - 163
Closest Gold 2 Bus Stop Jermantown Rd at Fairfax Blvd - 76
Closest Gunston Go-Bus stop 1
Site URL http://www.fairfax-art-and-frame-shop.com/
Closest Scheduled Gold Bus Stop Vienna/Fairfax-GMU Metro Station
Closest Scheduled Green Bus Stop Lee Highway at Fairfax Circle Plaza
Phone Number 703-273-4662
Address 11282 James Swart Circle Fairfax, Virginia 22030
Mon-Thu opening time 10:30
Mon-Thu closing time 19:00
Fri opening time 8:00
Fri closing time 18:00
Sat opening time 10:30
Sat closing time 18:00
Sun opening time 12:00
Sun closing time 17:00
Delivery status Non-applicable
Take-out Non-applicable
Wi-Fi Non-applicable

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    I am fond of art since fourteen years, but, unfortunately, I have never attended galleries. Most of all I want to attend Louvre and Van Gogh Museum.

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