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Shoppers Food & Pharmacy

Shoppers Food & Pharmacy is a well-known supermarket in northern Virginia. It is a very convenient place for Mason students to go and purchase all kinds of food and groceries.  Fruits, vegetables, snacks and household supplies are high quality. Prices are reasonable and affordable, because Shoppers insists on “Everyday low warehouse pricing.”

The Shoppers Pharmacy is conveniently located next to the Shoppers Food market.  Medicines at Shoppers Pharmacy are very reliable.

Closest Green 1 Bus Stop Pickett Rd at Turnpike Shopping Center - 106
Closest Green 2 Bus Stop Pickett Rd at Turnpike Shopping Center - 46
Closest Gold 1 Bus Stop No stop nearby
Closest Gold 2 Bus Stop No stop nearby
Closest Gunston Go-Bus stop No stop nearby
Site URL http://www.shoppersfood.com/
Closest Scheduled Gold Bus Stop University Dr at Main St
Closest Scheduled Green Bus Stop Main St at Pickett Rd
Phone Number 703-978-1256
Address 9622 Main Street Fairfax, VA
Mon-Thu opening time 9:00
Mon-Thu closing time 23:00
Fri opening time 9:00
Fri closing time 23:00
Sat opening time 9:00
Sat closing time 23:00
Sun opening time 9:00
Sun closing time 23:00
Delivery status Non-applicable
Take-out Non-applicable
Wi-Fi Non-applicable

One Review for Shoppers Food & Pharmacy

  1. bwaideli says:
    Rating: ()

    I always buy my donuts at Shoppers. The selection is great and one dozen donuts is only $5.

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