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Review Guidelines

onCUE listings and reviews represent objective and subjective points of view.  Listings are meant to be objective (unbiased) and to provide general information to the reader.  Reviews are meant to be subjective (biased) and to capture an individual’s experience.

Review guidelines:

  • Reviews are written in the first person.  Here it is acceptable to say, “I really hated the dipping sauce for the buffalo wings.”
  • Length is variable.  Sometimes the writer may simply wish to say, “I had a great time shopping at department store X!”  Sometimes, if the review is negative, the writer may have much more to say.  At any rate, a review should not go over 300 words, since one does not want to bore the reader.
  • There is no right or wrong content in a personal review.  The following prompts are suggestions for review content:
  1. Was the location easily accessible from the nearest bus stop?
  2. Was it easy to find the location?  Was the building sign easy to read?
  3. If in a restaurant, what was your impression of each dish?  Were any foods too spicy?  Too bland?
  4. How was the service?
  5. Did you have a good time?  What made the outing memorable?
  6. Did you go with friends?  If so, what did your friends think?
  7. Would you go back to this location?

Review Writing Sample:

I’ve been shopping at Yesterday’s Rose for the past year.  It’s a fun place to go with friends, especially when you try on some of the wacky clothes and accessories.  Last week I found a prom dress from the 70′s that I’ll probably end up wearing to a costume party.  My friend found a chair to replace the broken one in her dorm room.  When I go to Yesterday’s Rose, I always go with the “treasure hunting” mentality, since you can never be sure what you’re going to find.  The best part about this thrift store is that it never breaks my bank.  You can literally go in to Yesterday’s Rose with a handful of change and come out with a new outfit.

One thing to watch out for at Yesterday’s Rose is the managers.  They tend to be rather grumpy and unhelpful.  If you have a question, ask a cashier – they’re much nicer.

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