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What is the difference between a listing and a review?

The main difference between a listing and a review is that a listing is meant to be general and objective while a review is meant to be specific and subjective.  For more information about writing listings and reviews, see listing guidelines and review guidelines.

How do I know if a listing has already been written?

Before writing a listing, it’s important to determine if it has already been written.  The easiest way to do this is to type the title of the business in the onCUE search tab.  If that business does not show up, that listing has not yet been created.

I want to write a listing for a Fairfax location that I have not yet visited.  What should I do?

It’s ok to write a listing for a location even if you’ve never been there.  The best way to write about an unfamiliar business is to research that business online, checking its address, phone number and/or website (Google maps works well for this).  Then, call the business and verify the information listed online.  Of course, the best way to write a listing is to visit the location itself.

My business is not near a CUE bus stop.  Can I still write a listing for that location?

The purpose of the onCUE directory is to provide information about locations easily accessible by the CUE bus.  Therefore, locations that are more than a 5-minute walk from the nearest CUE bus stop should not be listed on this site.

For businesses with more than one location, how do I enter the address and contact information?

If you’re writing a listing for a business with multiple locations accessible by the CUE bus, you will actually want to write a listing for each of those locations.  Keep generic information the same in each listing, but change any information specific to a certain location.  For the business title, indicate its location in parentheses.  For example, when listing the two Safeway stores, one would write “Safeway Shopping Center (Main Street)” and “Safeway Shopping Center (Nutley).”

I’m not sure whether to capitalize certain words or add apostrophes to certain words.

Here is a quick overview of the proper AP style for some common words (the correct version is given in italics):

children’s wear, not child’s wear

CUE Bus, not cue bus

Gold route, not gold route

Gold 2, not gold two (this style applies to all CUE Buses)

Green route, not green route

Main Street, not Main St. (this style applies to all roadways)

menswear, not men’s wear

women’s wear, not woman’s wear




–Don’t see your question here?  E-mail bwaideli@masonlive.gmu.edu, onCUE directory editor.

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