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Safeway Shopping Center (Main Street)

Safeway is a great place to buy groceries at relatively cheap prices, though you do have to have a Safeway membership card to make use of all the deals provided by Safeway.  There are two Safeways along the CUE Bus routes.  If you are starting from the university, Gold 2 goes to the Safeway located on Main Street.

The advantage of going to the Safeway on Main Street is that it has Buffalo Wing University close by, a restaurant with the spiciest, most delicious chicken wings you’ll ever find; a CVS Pharmacy; McDonald’s and the Fairfax Public Library.

Closest Green 1 Bus Stop University Dr at Main St - 117
Closest Green 2 Bus Stop University Dr at North St - 36A
Closest Gold 1 Bus Stop Old Lee Highway at Library - 152A
Closest Gold 2 Bus Stop University Dr at North Street - 36A
Closest Gunston Go-Bus stop No stop nearby
Site URL safeway.com
Closest Scheduled Gold Bus Stop University Dr at Main St
Closest Scheduled Green Bus Stop Main Street Market Place
Phone Number 703-591-8473
Address 10350 Willard Way Fairfax, VA
Mon-Thu opening time 6:00
Mon-Thu closing time 00:00
Fri opening time 6:00
Fri closing time 00:00
Sat opening time 6:00
Sat closing time 00:00
Sun opening time 8:00
Sun closing time 13:00
Delivery status Non-applicable
Take-out Non-applicable
Wi-Fi Non-applicable

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